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Mannington is the only U.S. manufacturer of residential and commercial flooring that offers all of these flooring solutions from a single source - hardwood, vinyl, porcelain ceramic tile, laminate, luxury vinyl tile and plank, commercial carpet, commercial resilient, advanced composite flooring, and performance backings. Fourth generation, family owned and professionally managed, Mannington has been nationally recognized as a genuine leader in product and design accomplishments, as well as operational excellence and environmental stewardship.

Product Line

Sheet Vinyl Product Catalog
Ares Inspired by the picturesque artifacts of ancient Greece, this 12" marble pattern blends traditional styling with a renewed sense of sophistication. Color Line

Basking Ridge Basking Ridge inspires images of spectacular mountain ranges in a 9" paver design. This warm and earthy floor is sure to blend naturally with any decor. Color Line

Colorado Colorado is a bold, large-scaled slate-look that combines extremely rich colors with rectified grout lines.  Its contemporary rectangular layout offers a modern twist to a traditional stone that can compliment a wide range of interior styles. Color Line

Finish Line Finish Line is a 9" black-and-white checkerboard pattern that brings a fun, playful atmosphere to any interior. Its classic styling makes it a true winner! Color Line

French Terrace Inspired by the old village floors of France, this terracotta gains realism through its attention to detail. Fine cracks, worn edges and subtle colored blushes romance each tile. French Terrace, with its European flair, is a perfect transition to any kitchen décor. Color Line

Hampton Hickory Rustic craftsmanship brings unparalleled warmth and individuality to this pattern.  Naturally weathered, Hampton Hickory featured in 4” wide hand scraped planks will provide traditional comfort and style to any room. Color Line

Jumpstart Indian Slate Jumpstart Indian Slate is a captivating 9” slate pattern that creates visual interest by combining multi-leveled hues with realistic detail. This slate pattern offers a unique look that will accommodate any room in the home. Color Line

Jumpstart Montana Ridge Jumpstart Montana Ridge has the character, depth, and awesome beauty found in natural slate. This bold 12” pattern has a rich patina with realistic detail and texture. Bring the outside into your home with this dramatic pattern. Color Line

Jumpstart Riviera Reminiscent of the romantic scenery of the French Riviera, this sand swept modular slate pattern captures all the rustic realism and detail found among the narrow streets and cozy corridors of this quaint yet exciting destination. Riviera features a beautiful mix of tile sizes, textures, and color that can create a vacation retreat in any home. Color Line

Jumpstart Shenandoah Jumpstart Shenandoah is a 12” rustic travertine that reflects wonderful color and textural effects found both in nature and the stone itself. This weathered stone works well with a variety of home designs. Color Line

Jumpstart Sistina Jumpstart Sistina is a 9” beautifully rustic slate pattern. This pattern speaks to us through its rustic surface texture, worn edges, and its playful use of color. Jumpstart Sistina’s eclectic styling is an easy transition to any household. Color Line

Jumpstart Tibetan Slate Jumpstart Tibetan Slate is a 7.2” naturally weathered slate pattern. This slate pattern evokes the natural weathering elements that will display on stone over time. The natural color palette is a pleasing choice for any contemporary décor. Color Line

Jumpstart Vermont Slate Jumpstart Vermont Slate is a beautiful modular natural slate pattern that was inspired by the terrain of the Northern countryside. This stunning pattern hosts a wonderful blend of warm colors, rustic grout lines, and a realistic visual that makes this pattern esthetically pleasing. Color Line

Jumpstart Woods Towne Inspired by the wood of the maple tree, Jumpstart Woods Towne features 4” wide planks in random lengths, offering a wide range of weathered grain texture and color variation. Jumpstart Woods Towne offers a rustic solution to any den, kitchen, or family room. Color Line

Kasbah Providing a classic look that is both authentic and unique, Kasbah is a 12" realistic slate pattern that combines rugged character with extreme color variation. Color Line

Kingsbridge Good-Benchmark Inspired by the masonry found in Europe's ancient castles, Kingsbridge Good-Benchmark embodies the look of hand-set stone while its multi-layered coloring and realistic detailing exude the strength and stability of those durable fortifications. Authentic in its design and coloring, this 6” limestone pattern pays homage to the lasting craftsmanship of times past by offering today’s homes a look that will endure. Color Line

Malibu Inspired by the picturesque beachfronts of the west coast, Malibu is a subtle sand worn travertine blends traditional styling with sophisticated natural coloring.  Featuring thin grout lines and rectified edges, Malibu provides a unique visual that lends itself to a wide range of styles from classic to contemporary. Color Line

Muir's Point Beautifully rustic and worn, this authentic 12" slate look depicts realism found in nature. Muir's Point offers extremely rich colors and realistic detail that can provide comfort and warmth to any décor. Color Line

Northcrest Northcrest evokes images of sand swept, sun kissed beaches. Like a coastline peeking through clouds, Northcrest’s color and texture offer a subtle interplay of balance and juxtaposition. A realistic stone look, visually enhanced by a 9” checkerboard layout, Northcrest readily brings nature’s ever-changing beauty into the home. Color Line

San Dona San Dona's unique modular pattern combines subtle texture with an eye-catching layout. Its delicate colorations and elemental feel help this design adapt to any surrounding. Color Line

Socorro Slate Socorro Slate's exceptional assortments of slate and sandstone tiles are featured in an array of various shapes and sizes. This allows for bold color play and movement within the pattern. This rustic design with a modern allure, is a beautiful accompaniment to the current color trends seen in interior fashion today. Color Line

Studio Capturing all the modern simplicity of urban styling, Studio features a 9" tile format with brushed concrete texture and clean lines. This trendy pattern will instantly transform any space into a contemporary living area. Color Line

Timbercrest Timbercrest provides a traditional American look and feel to any home. By bringing the look of beautiful hardwood flooring to any room, this natural wood grain pattern compliments a wide range of Country, Traditional and Contemporary looks. Color Line
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